What’s in my bag

If you are surfing through youtube, mostly ladies may have seen the series what’s in your bag, it’s troll videos etc..I also have seen what’s in my bag videos, most are celebrities what’s in my bag series.. It’s stuffed with lots and lots of makeup items and sometimes essential items can’t be seen in it. So today I am sharing my thoughts on what should be in a bag.. This is for ladies actually..

Disclaimer: The contents can vary according to your interest and your nature of job.

So let’s get started

1. Wallet

Every one knows, but still I have to mention.. Keep your atm card, credit card, ID card, Driving licence, Metro card or bus pass, Passport size photos and keep some money and coins.

2. Keys

Keep your house keys, vehicle keys

3. Water bottle

Keep water bottle.. Try to avoid plastic and you will not end up in buying 20Rs mineral water bottle

4. Notepad and pen

Yes, keep a notepad and pen.. Small notepad is enough.. It will help you to note quickly the grocery to purchase, ideas, working phone number etc..

5. Pendrive

I keep one pendrive in which there is a scanned copy of my recent passport size photo, scanned copies of all my certificates.. It helps me to take Xerox if I want urgently, without carrying all these things.. You can keep a copy of all these things in your smart phone and keep it in camscanner app or google drive.. Now even if there is no network i can still take it from my pendrive.

6. Snack box

Keep one small box for snacks..I don’t take bakery items since they are not healthy..I use to keep dry fruits in it.. not much.. But still it serves the purpose.

7. Sunscreen

No need to mention why it’s important

8. Sprays for your wellbeing

One is peesafe .. it’s a toilet seat spray. Even if we are using public toilets, it will protects from urinary tract infection.

Second is pepper spray.. Prevention is better than cure.. We ladies don’t expect any one to help when we are alone.. So keep one for our own safety

9. Sanitary pad and newspaper

Always keep a sanitary pad even if you are not in periods.. It will keep us confident. During the periods and just before due date I keep one undergarment too for emergency .. Now you may be thinking why newspaper is mentioned? Yes it’s for covering the used pad before disposing in waste bins.. Don’t put sanitary pad in toilet.. Those who are cleaning toilets are also human beings.

10. Hand sanitizer/Handwash

It will protect from microbes after public toilet usage

11. Makeup essentials

Here it’s your choice.. Any way I keep one comb, one hair clip, moisturizer, lipbalm.. Any way this is my personal things.. It varies according to your needs.. Actually we all do makeup before stepping out from home.. That’s why I avoid so many things including perfume..

12. Safety pins

Whether you wear saree or not keep 2 or 3 safety pins.. It will help to quick fix your sandals, unexpected stitch removal from your dress and finally it helps in a rush bus also😊😊

13. Plastic cover

Actually this is for accidental vomiting and to keep used undergarment if you are on heavy periods.

14. Medicines

Don’t forget to take your medicines..I take them in a zip block bag.. And prescription is clicked in my mobile..I keep one small glass for the powder medicine which has to be stirred in water..

15. Umbrella

Whether it’s raining or heavy summer keep one


It helps a lot especially in the noon

17. Mobile and head set

Don’t forget to take mobile and headset.. If you have spare charger keep one.. But if you trust your mobile that it’s charge will stay long till you reach home no need to take charger..I keep my headset in a small coin box so that it will not tangle with other items…

One more thing I have to mention is I use hand bag organizer to keep items segregated.. It helps me to take required items without fiddling other items in my handbag..

So that’s it..I hope you liked it..Thank you


How to get minimum 33% marks in CBSE class 12 maths exam

As I am a maths teacher in a CBSE school in Bangalore, India, I thought I will share something for the slow bloomers of class 12.. Many books and other reference books are available for toppers and those who aim above 90%.. But my concern here is the slow bloomers or the low achievers.. Actually i personally don’t like the term low achievers.. If they are not good in maths in class 12, I would blame the parents who pressurised them at the age of 15, 16 to take the science group even it it is not their cup of tea.. My mind is always with the slow bloomers actually..I feel pity on them..In fact it’s not there mistake.. So I would like to share some ideas for them..I usually share it to my students too.

  1. Aim for non calculus :. The common mistake low achievers do is focusing more on Calculus topics ( chapter 5 to 9)..When time is less and when you are under pressure calculus is not your cup of tea.. It has lots of formula to memorize.. And finally that is of 44 marks out of 100.. Rest is 56 we have to target
  2. Aim for the easy topics.: Note that matrices determinants together will give you 13 marks and linear programming will give you 6 marks..19 marks are easy to get..Now vectors and 3 dimensional geometry i will suggest you a youtube channel study zee.. It will helps you a lot..I am sure.. Again these chapters don’t have tons of formula.. So together you got 33.
  3. Aim for additional marks : Now for getting 33 marks you have to prepare atleast 45 to 50 marks.. This is because even if calculation mistakes happen or you forget ,something additional backup should be there.. Here comes first two chapters.. Most are repeated questions from these chapters..
  4. Singles and doubles: Now like cricket match, don’t aim for fours and sixes always, look for singles and doubles..I mean partial answering.. Application of integration, Definite integrals, Probability, Application of derivatives type questions even partial answering will fetch you some marks..
  5. Try this in pre board /model exam: Apply this technique in your pre board exam.. Because ultimately you are going to give the board exam.. See how much you are getting after applying this technique.
  6. Don’t crop the cropped picture: Already some topics are deleted in this technique.. Note if you are selecting even further, it is an alarm.. Don’t make further deletions in this..
  7. Self confidence and time

Finally it is the self confidence which pays.. Don’t get blank after seeing the question paper .. Take a deep breath and try to remember.. It will be coming to your brain . But remember maths is a subject where you must have writing practice.. Keep a timer to see how much time it takes.. Especially matrices and linear Programming will take a little bit time..

Finally it is the last school exam.. Keep it in mind.. For further students you should pass in all subjects.. Try to pass in the first attempt.. Don’t think for compartmental exams..



ഒരു കുട നമ്മൾ പങ്കു വെച്ചില്ല ..എന്നാലും മഴ നമ്മൾ പങ്കു വെച്ചു..ഒരിക്കലും ഒന്നാവുകില്ല എന്നറിയാം എങ്കിലും, ഈ വെയിലും, തണുപ്പും, ലോകവും നമ്മൾ പങ്കു വെച്ചു..

What 2018 taught me

I am a teacher working in a CBSE school in Bangalore.. Even i am not pretty that much organised, neither i have no life span experience, i am in my late twenties.. But some things I made use of, something I learnt i am sharing here.. It’s my first blog😊
1. Google Keep
You will be thinking what’s interested in this..I also thought like that..I already mentioned iam a teacher by profession.. This helped me to manage my to do lists, some note takings etc.. And that too it will be synchronised in your google account..I am using it quite often and keeping things organises in different labels.. Things are available in the fraction of a second with this app..I am in love with this app..
2. Grow app
Recently I came across so many things regarding mutual funds..2018 given me the strength of starting a mutual fund and sip without much hassle.. This app helped a lot.. It gives all the information you want about mutual fund and also useful for beginners
3. Youtube
Ofcourse a great platform for so much enjoyment.. But in 2018, what changed my life is i found out some really informative lifestyle channels.. Saloni srivasrava, urban fight etc.. Thanks to all these.. they are playing a wonderful role in my life.. As a teacher i always have to improve my subject..I found so many informative channels related to my subject..
I am grateful to 2018, i learnt not many things but quite a few which are very worth..I got an operation but it made my family so close to me..I am so grateful to God.. Now I am writing my first blog too😊😊
I am not sponsoring any app or product here.. This is my experience..
Thank you😊

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